Meet The Team

Bobby – Owner
Bobby is a 5th generation Oklahoman, originally hailing from Stillwater (God’s Country), and he now resides in the Edmond.  He is married to his loving wife, Maegan, and father to three beautiful children, Isabel, Henry, and Clara Kate.  They say that behind every man is a good woman – some say they wrote that quote just for him.
As alumni of Oklahoma State University, and an OSU football fan. As a result, Bobby is no stranger to heartache, hardships, and the thought of “there’s always next year.”  He says this is the motivation that keeps him going, and keeps the drive alive in his pursuit of the American Dream.  He carries this passion with him every day when it comes to providing his customers with a made-in-the-USA product, and impossible-to-beat customer service.
Bobby brings his expertise of construction, sales, and service to his Ownership of Factory Direct Flagpoles, and strives to offer the highest quality product and service to all Oklahomans.  The American Dream is still alive and well at Factory Direct Flagpoles, and it’s his goal to prove it every single day.
Taylor – Project Manager
You may have guessed it by now – Taylor is Bobby’s younger brother!  Also hailing from Stillwater, Taylor has a history of hard work and determination.  Taylor is happily married to his wife (also named Megan!), and has a daughter named June.
Taylor is a graduate of Oklahoma State, and ran his own personal training business in Edmond for many years after college.  When an opportunity came to join forces with his brother, it was an offer he just simply could not pass up!  Together with his work ethic and skill set, Taylor’s passion for his customers and attention to detail is what sets him apart in the industry.  You can count on him to make sure the job is done right the first time.
Always up for a good conversation about Flagpoles, Flags, fixing things, lifting heavy objects, and all things “America,” you’ll be sure to enjoy your service call from Taylor at Factory Direct Flagpoles.