November 6, 2015

Caring For Your Flag – Oklahoma City Flags and Flagpoles

Here are a few notes on caring for your flag from the flag expert at Factory Direct Flagpoles and Accessories.

The Winter season  can be hard on humans, vehicles, homes, animals, and your outdoor flags. Wind, snow, sleet, and freezing rain barrage the great outdoors for months, and this can do a number on your outdoor flags. But don’t let the harsh conditions deter you from displaying your pride all year long.

Keep these tips in mind as you fly your flag this winter season.

  • Purchasing the correct flag is the most important factor.
  • You should be flying a Double Ply Polyester flag during the winter because it is the most durable material for extreme weather conditions.
  • Fly smaller flags because they have less fabric area for the snow and wind to attack.
    • If you fly a standard 5 x 8 flag during the summer, consider flying a flag one or two sizes smaller during the winter.
  • Make sure your flag is in good condition before you take it outdoors.
    • If your flag is showing signs of wear before the season starts, take it to a seamstress for some quick repairs. A small fray can spread like wildfire in poor weather conditions.
  • Check your flagpole before attaching the flag.
    • This sounds silly, but in order to give your flag the best odds of surviving the winter, you need all of its counterparts to be prepared as well. You should lubricate the winch, check the truck at the top of the pole, and replace any broken clamps.
  • Use wire or stainless steel cables instead of rope on the flag pole.
    • Wire and stainless steel are stronger, more durable materials than rope. Rope can fray during the winter, and that can lead to bigger problems for your outdoor flags.
  • Inspect your flags regularly or consider rotating two different flags in order to extend their display lives.

Follow these exact steps to enjoy your flag much longer. When it is time to replace your flag call Factory Direct Flagpoles and Accessories in Oklahoma City.

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